Next Beginners’ Course

The beginner’s course runs for 8 weeks on Wednesdays from 8pm – 9pm at St. John Payne Catholic School, Partridge Avenue, Chelmsford, CM1 4DJ. The course is geared towards adults, but we can accept children over 13 years old. We have had participants of all ages from 16 to those in their late 70’s.

The course is structured in a way to take you from no fencing experience at all to the ability to conduct a proper fencing match. A general warm-up and stretching session is followed by fencing footwork, technical partner exercises and an opportunity for free fencing.

All sessions and courses are taught by an experienced, qualified fencing coach. All of the fencing equipment will be provided. You will need to wear long tracksuit bottoms, a t-shirt and sports trainers. We try to keep the exertion at a reasonable level and concentrate on fencing technique so people with various levels of fitness can enjoy the classes. At the end of each lesson there will be opportunity to put what you have learnt into practice by fencing fellow beginners.

The first week is a free come and try session, the course proper starts the following week.

The course costs £90.

The next courses after this will start in January, April June, September. See Facebook for more details: 

Please email to book your place.

Are these courses for me ?

O.K., so you fancy having a go. But where do you start? Well here are some answers to the sort of questions that newcomers often ask. When you have finished reading through, there will be details at the bottom of the page of what to do next.

Simon instructs a beginners class in the "en guarde" position

Simon instructs a beginners class in the “en guarde” position

Now let’s explode some of those myths.

Q. Isn’t fencing an elitist sport?

A. Far from it. We have all sorts at our club – from College lecturers to lorry drivers. Come along and you will find ordinary people – just like you!

Q. Isn’t it dangerous?

A. No. Fencing is a very safe sport. The protective equipment is more than adequate to prevent injury and safety is taught very early on.

Q. Is it expensive?

A. Let’s kill this one straight away. Our club (as with most others) will loan you equipment until you are sure that you like the sport. Then you can buy your own kit a bit at a time. All you need to get started is a pair of trainers, a t-shirt and a pair of jogging bottoms.

Q. I think I’m too old / too young for this sort of thing.

A. Nonsense! The sport is suitable for anyone from 10 to 80. All that’s required is a minimal level of fitness and you can participate at whatever pace suits you. (As with all sports, you should consult your GP if you have any concerns about any existing medical conditions).

Q. OK, I’m interested, what do I do next?

A.  If you are a complete novice and want to have a go, contact our Beginners’ Coach Trevor Richards via e mail – and he will tell you when the next beginners’ course is starting.

Experienced fencers should contact our Club Chairman and and Head Coach, Chris Sullivan, by e-mailing him at

Alternatively, you can just turn up on a Wednesday night and see what we get up to. Either way, you will be assured of a warm welcome

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate Children. We recommend that those under the age of 13 contact one of our nearest other clubs, Brentwood or Colchester.