Guest fencers, or those who are not member’s of the Club, are welcome to join us for any training session.

Guest fencers are not entitled to compete in the Club Championships, receive individual lessons or borrow club equipment for external use. Other than that Guests are free to participate in the Club and may spar and make use of Club equipment on any training session. Membership of British Fencing is mandatory for all those fencing at the Club – you may be asked for proof of membership before fencing.

The first time you visit the Club there is no charge for fencing with us. After that the following fees apply.

Guests Fees

The Club offers two guests rates for non-members who wish to fence at the Club; Monthly and Weekly.


Guest  –  Monthly

£36 per calendar month

Payable on 1st Wednesday of each month by cash only.


Guest  –  Weekly

£12.50 per week.

Payable at the beginning of each fencing session by cash only.